There are purists who only accept the images that come from their cameras as being acceptable. They believe any use of software or electronic filtering to make that image better is cheating. That is just silly and it is not what photography is all about. Instead, it is simply allowing the camera to determine what makes a good picture.

Naturally, using good techniques is extremely important. You do want to use the optimal shutter speed, aperture, ISO, and other settings the modern cameras offer. But, even on manual, where you control all the settings to take the shot, the camera applies the internal settings to produce the jpg image.

Modern cameras have electronics that allow it to use their programmed internal data to determine which settings to use. That is based on what the camera manufacturer has installed. The camera system “examines” the image and applies the settings the data indicates would make a good picture. Sometimes it is good and sometimes not. But you are limited to the programming NOT what you determine to be a good photograph.

Using that technique is a good idea as the first step, for you want to have the best image you can have as far as exposure, depth of field, etc but with that, you have taken a picture and you are a picture taker. To be a photographer, you must take that image and turn it into a photograph that actually realizes the full potential of what your eye saw – not limited to what the camera was able to record. Then you get a photograph and you are a photographer.

But it does start with getting the best image you can get.