Proof you can teach yourself to take great nature photos.

I am a naturalist and a former biologist, who has a lifelong love of the outdoors and all of its inhabitants. For most of my adult life, I have dabbled with nature photography until it finally became a dominant passion in my life. I do not present myself as a professional nature/wildlife photographer even though I have had success with my efforts. I am self-taught and stand as an example that anyone can learn to create high-quality nature photographs. It all starts with taking pictures and educating yourself just like I did. The photos here are proof it can be done.

Want to learn the basics of Nature Photography?

This is the place for you. You can start with the basics of using a digital camera or jump into learning the basics of Nature Photography. This is done in a straightforward way without dragging you through a lot of boring technical aspects. We do cover the technical with basic information in an easy to understand manner, but most of the presentation is in how to do it before we worry about why.

Not really for experienced Nature Photographers.

I should add this is not a site for experienced nature photographers. We will be covering the basics of photographing nature and of learning to become more proficient with a digital camera. Beginners in digital photography, as well as beginners in wildlife & nature photography, will find this a good place to start and to advance with their photographic skills.

Basic Wildlife & Nature Photography Techniques

Geared towards the less experienced photographers, we offer a series of tips and instructions.

This will include basic instructions, hints, and shortcuts for all types of photography, but wildlife and nature photography are the primary subjects

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What's the Difference Between Nature and Wildlife Photography?

The two terms are often used interchangeably but there are differences. Wildlife Photography is exclusively photos of living organisms in nature. That not only includes what we normally refer to as "animals" but also plants, insects, mushrooms, spiders, etc. Nature Photography refers to photos of anything in nature. It includes Wildlife Photography but also includes landscapes, moon & star photos, geologic images, and anything else one would find in the natural world.